How to Print Player Lists

Excellent response from parents and coaches to the registration process.

Registrations are coming along well, we have almost 100 registered to date!

Coaches can generate and print off a list of their players anytime ,the lists can be created by following the below instructions:
1. Let me know if you need lists created, if so I will create you an account on the website.
2. Go to
3. Click the login button at the top of the screen.

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4. Input the username and password that you have been given by me.
5. From the dashboard click the ‘Forms’ menu then the ‘Import/Export’ menu.
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6. Select the ‘Player Registration form 2014 from the drop down.
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7. Select all the fields you need in your printout e.g. name, dob, address etc
8. You will only need to print out the items for your age group so add conditional logic by adding 2 conditions stating that:
‘Childs DOB’ greater than your youngest age e.g. for 2006s it will be 2007-12-31
less than the youngest age e.g. for the 2004s it will be 2006-01-01
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9. Click the ‘download export file’ button
10. Open the file in Microsoft Excel (or with openOffice and print.
n.b. if the phone numbers in your spreadsheet look funny change the format of the column to ‘Custom’ and they should appear ok.
U7s will be: DOB greater than 2008-01-01
U9s will be DOB greater than 2006-01-01 AND less than 2007-12-31
U11s will be DOB greater than 2003-01-01 AND less than 2005-12-31
U14s will be DOB greater than 2001-01-01 AND less than 2002-12-31
U16s will be DOB greater than 1999-01-01 AND less than 2000-12-31

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