Covid – Parental Advice

We are aware of the increase in Covid-19 cases locally and this has led to the recent suspension of training and matches, which has given us the opportunity to review our procedures to help ensure we can protect our players, parents and coaches.

As an academy, we are desperate to have our players out again; however, we are anxious about the spread of the virus and the part we play within the community in suppressing transmission.

Furthermore, we are conscious we may have players, coaches and community members who are more vulnerable.  We also recognise that young people’s sporting and social opportunities are limited through the pandemic, and we can play a role in providing an outlet, where risks can be managed.  We want to run our training sessions in a responsible way and we need your help to do so in a way that is as safe as possible – both from spreading the virus and the anxiety that comes with running the activity.

We have decided to put extra safety measures in place, in addition to our current measures, to help keep everyone in our club safe.

Coaches are volunteers and have wider responsibilities, so please respect that the decision to either run a session or not can also be based upon the personal circumstances of those involved.

It is important for us to make everyone feel comfortable and safe when attending training and matches, so we kindly ask for your help in adhering to all of the below:


  • You must not send your child to training or a match if he/she is showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or where he/she is required to adhere to a period of self-isolation.
  • You must confirm your child’s attendance within 24 hrs of the session (usually by letting the coach know in the team WhatsApp channel, or a direct message to the coach).
  • Your confirmation is an assurance that your child is not currently required to self-isolate or displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19; raised temperature, new persistent cough, loss of smell or taste.
  • To adhere to the safety measures, we will only run activities where we can maintain a 9 to 1 ratio of children to coaches. There may be age groups that have to reduce numbers and we would encourage parents volunteer to help us increase the numbers, particularly with the younger age groups.  Previous football experience is not necessary.
  • Where possible, parents should remain in their vehicle when leaving their child to training. Parents are not permitted to be pitch side during training sessions.  The only exception to this is were a child has additional needs necessitating a parent being present or for parents of players born in 2014 or 2015.

Specific guidance for parents who need to leave children to the pitch side.

  • Parents must wear face covering when dropping off their children to the side of the pitch (unless there are age, health or disability reasons not to wear it).
  • parents will leave directly after dropping off their child, and return at the end of the session. Space markers will be set up at distance and each parent stands by a marker, to help you maintain distancing.
  • Coaches will mark out places for the children to stand or sit on arrival at training. This will ensure appropriate spacing is maintained. Players will stay at their marker until the coach signals for them to start.

All Players

  • Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands both on the way in and out.
  • Players must bring their own water bottle, with their name clearly marked. They will leave this by their space marker and will return to this point for water breaks. Water bottles must not be shared.
  • Payment for the session will be dropped into a box. Please ensure exact change is given.
  • Activities will be limited to those where contact is reduced as much as possible, and where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Arrive at training at their allocated time. If a player arrives early, they must remain in their vehicle until their allocated time.
  • Bring their own water bottle, clearly marked with their name.
  • Stay within their allocated group at all times.
  • Arrive at training fully prepared, with laces tied securely.
  • Maintain the required level of social distancing during breaks in training.
  • Will not spit at any time and will cough into the crook of their arm if necessary.
  • Reduce body contact to a minimum. No horseplay, high fives, etc.
  • Leave training at their allocated time, going directly to their vehicle.
  • If a player has worn a bib during training or a shirt during a match or training they will retain the item, wash it and return the following week.

It is important for us that you follow all the above rules.

We want to keep everyone safe and make sure sessions get to go ahead for as long as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your coach directly
or email the club’s Child Welfare Officer Alan: [email protected]
or email the academy secretary Conor: [email protected]