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The club’s history dates back to at least 1907. A Ballycastle football team participated in local soccer and was the guardian of an impressive trophy presented by the Ballycastle Coal Mining Co. This trophy is held by Moyle District Council for safe keeping. Ballycastle United FC

The date on the trophy is the first evidence that a club existed at that time; this club remained active until the outbreak of the first world war in 1914. After the war things were slow to start and it is not until 1931 that we have further evidence of a cup winning team. We also know that the club continued in soccer until the outbreak of the second world war when again most social activities ceased. After the war and up until the sixties while matches were organised within the area a club as such did not exist.

During the early sixties Adam Sloan, who resided at Carnduff, a housing site just outside of town, organised and managed a team to compete in the newly-formed Castlerock and Coleraine Morning League. Ballycastle United FC The team was called Carnduff. In 1972 Adam and A.D.McAuley, a local councillor, business man and close friend of Adam’s, hatched the idea to utilise the expertise already existing within the Carnduff club and the ever-growing interest within Ballycastle to re-form Ballycastle United. This transformation was successfully completed during the summer close season of 1972. When competition resumed in August of that year it was Ballycastle United not Carnduff that appeared in fixture lists, reports, etc.

Undoubtedly United’s most successful period came in the 1990s when the club triumphed in no less than 5 cup competitions.


The first trophy of the period came in the season of 1992/93 in the shape of the Canada Trophy which Ballycastle United won again in 1997/98 and retained in 1998/99.   Ballycastle United FC

Along with the Canada Trophy, United also claimed the Crawford Cup in 1996/97 and the much coveted O’Gorman Cup completing a cup double in the 1997/98 season.

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